A Common Bond should deliver the Common Good

The ICULDE&E Foundation is fortunate to have an active committed patron, Lord Maurice Glasman, who has been described recently in print as a "prophet, teacher, civil diplomat in this country and others, possessed of exceptional skills".  He is also a Director of the "Common Good Foundation" and has written a poem that describes its work.

Lord Maurice has given his consent for the Foundation to publish this poem; the text should resonate with all credit unionists.

"The Common Good"

Redemption is found
in the sound of conversation, in the hard negotiation
the reconciliation of strangers in their home.
There's a sense of violation
the necessity of tension
(and the sins too great to mention)
that give us space to listen and atone.

There's the sacred in us all
Our knowledge of the fall
the force of desecration
and the loss of our vocation
but we cannot find the answers on our phone

They tried to monetize creation
Naturalise the denomination
Define the common good as theirs alone
But justice and efficiency
without accountability
the nasty tug, democracy
The Common Good's not something you can own

A home is nothing neutral
It is built as something mutual
It is found in elevating the mundane
And labout is defined by love and pain
The Common Good is found
where the tensions are profound
It is the covenantal promise on the ground

It is just association
It is wide participation
The sacred is the other is the clue
The Common Good's relational
Open, conversational
It is for the many and the few