Brandy might improve with age, but Trustees do not!  So the time has come to seek possible successors with the necessary knowledge, skills and dedication to drive the Foundation forward.

Briefly, what the ICULD&E Foundation is all about .....

The “Filene” Awards were set up with entry open to all credit unions and credit unionists across the entire credit union constituency in Great Britain and the island of Ireland.

The “Biden” Awards were set up with entry open to all active Development Educators (DEs), the pathfinders of the movement from across the globe, regardless of their class/batch of qualification.

The purpose of every Award is to set benchmarks for the achievement of operational performance excellence, gain peer group recognition and raise a profile of and gain more public recognition of the multipurpose co-operative credit union movement and its positive contributions to creating and maintaining an equitable society.

The fundraising activities of the Foundation are only to use surpluses made from the Awards celebratory event to award “Pell Scholarships” to meet the fees to attend DE courses outside their home courses (the recipients must meet their own travel and extramural costs).  Those DE Course Directors, whose duties extend to developing co-operative credit union systems in new countries have been assisted also.

The Foundation was set up deliberately not to have any member organisations or individuals or to affiliate to any credit union body in the UK or overseas that has an exclusive membership of any type, even the Award Judges (independent of the Trustees) are chosen as appropriate individuals.

To preserve this complete independence from any formal part of the movement and be able to co-operate with all of it on an equal footing; the Foundation doesn’t have any affiliates as to do so would set up an exclusive body and possible dependence.


  1. a deep knowledge of credit union regulated permitted and unregulated operational activities, the co-operative economic model in a wider business experience.
  2. had experience as a lay or management officer in a credit union and/or credit union body, general social “non external profit” economy but not currently doing so and, to maintain the equitable status of the Foundation, must refrain from taking office in any other credit union organisation whilst in office as a Trustee.
  3. infinite patience and dedication to task as you will be “a leader of today, encouraging others and building those of tomorrow”.

Interested in the post?  Give Barry a ring in utmost confidence 09:00 am to 09:00 pm 7 days a week, all voicemail calls are answered.

The Foundation is UK based and so for reasons for law and logistics, the working Trustees must be UK citizens and residents.