About the Foundation

The International Credit Union Leadership Development & Education Foundation was launched with funds provided by the founder Trustees, sponsors and donors who support its aims, the main one being to raise funds to enable active credit unionists to attend Credit Union Development Educator courses that upskill them and assist in their endeavours to bring the ethos and ideals of credit unions to their communities and wider world - more details here

Barry and Marilynne Epstein, the Co-Trustees of the ICULD&E Foundation, are also Co-Directors of a supporting company, limited by guarantee, the ICULD&E Co. Ltd, that donates funds from its profits to the ICULD&E Foundation.

The Foundation promotes ....

  • the "Edward Filene Credit Union Awards for Performance Excellence in Great Britain and Ireland" and the "Joe Biden Awards for Development Educators of the Year" from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe and North America.
    - The "Filene's" give an opportunity to individual activists and credit unions in Great Britain & Ireland to demonstrate their performance excellence through various categories of credit union activity in order to serve their fields of membership and wider communities, bringing all the benefits of credit union owner-membership.  
    -  The "Biden's" acknowledge the phenomenal achievements of individual Development Educators (in Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean, Europe (inc GB & Ireland) and North America, who work to improve the lives and opportunities of less fortunate people in their countries and in doing so, spread the Co-operative Commonwealth.
  • It also organises the Credit Union "Oscars" - fundraising celebratory Dinners, where the successful participants in both the Filene and Biden Awards programme are showcased, acknowledged and applauded for their achievements, both nationally and internationally.  The Dinners give sponsors, donors and other attendees an opportunity to meet with these dynamic credit union activists at a joyous networking occasion.
  • The "Pell Scholarship" Course Bursaries are funded from moneys raised at these Dinners as well as donations, that support suitably qualified credit union activists and graduate Development Educators to further their knowledge and experience of credit union issues by attending various Credit Union Development Educator programmes taking place around the world. 

Either by clicking on the green links or via the menus above, full details can be found on how to enter the Filene and Biden Awards and the criteria for the individual categories; together with the application process for the Development Educator Bursaries and a list of Development Educator courses being held around the world.