Judging Panel - Filene Awards

The Trustees of the Charity are delighted to announce the Judges for the Awards this year.  All are entirely independent of any credit union, associational body or league but fully conversant with the social economy and credit unions.

 In isolation of each other, the Judges will score each credit union entry in accordance with the details set out on the "Helpline and Judging Process" page, their scores then being added together to produce an aggregate score per category.

In 2018, because of a gratifying increase in the number of entries, the Judging Panel has been enlarged -  the Filene "Leadership" and "Enterprise" entries are being judged by Adrian Oldman, Nigel Fawcett and Steve Johnson, while the "Community" section is being judged by Becky Hoyle and Ros Lucas.

Their biographies follow:-